Growing With Compost: Community Composting Network's Annual Conference


Most TreeHuggers know that compost is cool – why else would legendary hip-hop act The Roots be seen autographing compost bins, or why would Ethical Man be interested in composting his own corpse? One organization that has been working long and hard to push composting into the mainstream is the UK based Community Composting Network (CCN) (which we featured on TreeHugger here). Now we bring news of the perfect chance for anyone in the UK wanting to get involved in the network, or to learn more about community composting. The CCN is holding its annual conference, Growing With Compost in September in Hertfordshire. This year the event is focussing on ways that government directives on diverting waste from landfill can provide the perfect opportunity for economic, social and sustainable community regeneration. The event publicity quotes the following from the UK’s Waste Strategy document:

"The third sector, ranging from voluntary and community organisations, charities, co-operatives and social enterprises, has the ability to deliver multiple benefits - social, economic and environmental - for the communities it serves and the Government recognises the sector as an important partner in achieving its strategic objectives."

Speakers will include representatives of the CCN, the government, and other environmental groups, as well as leading academics presenting their research on compost. There will be practical workshops, presentations of international best practice, and a full program entertainment. Apparently London-based delegates can also enjoy a pre-conference tour of London's 'Hot Rot Spots' - although places are limited so contact CCN for more details. ::Community Composting Network:: via Site Visit::

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