Grist's Umbra Fisk Tackles the Shaving Dilemma

The inimitable Umbra Fisk recently answered a letter about shaving from a Grist reader to whom growing a beard isn't an option. She examines the different choices: disposable plastic razors get a definitive "no" with 2 billion of them ending up in U.S. landfills each year, electric razors don't quite cut it (pun intended) because of their electricity use ("Not much, to be sure, maybe 15 watts -- but if we're going to talk about the impact of shaving, we might as well split hairs.") and, I would add, the energy used in making them and their unnecessary complexity. Razors with disposable blades (you keep the handle, throw away the blade) are a bit better - less trash - but Umbra ends up favoring the zero trash option: The venerable, and virile, straight razor! Be careful and learn how to use it first, though. We are not liable for anything!

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