Gristmill Launches "Ask a Brokeass"

So, let's face it: some of the products we feature here at Treehugger are a bit on the pricey side. That's fine, of course, as there are folks out there with plenty of disposable income, and we want to encourage them to spend their money on the greenest options available. But, what if you're broke? What if you're, in fact, a "brokeass?" Our friends at Gristmill have come to the rescue with the launch of their new column by Kate Sheppard, "Ask a Brokeass." As "Gristmill's resident brokeass," Kate plans to show readers that saving the planet can be done on the cheap:
By borrowing ideas from them (I'm attempting to follow suit this year, so, uh, you'll be my witnesses on how that works out) and other smart people, number crunching, price comparing, coupon clipping, creative creating, and dogged deal-hunting, we can figure out how to be earth-friendly on a budget. Hell, I'll even throw in some Q&As; with expert brokeasses, so if you think you're a noteworthy brokeass, nominate yourself.

So pass along any questions, ideas, or advice you've gathered, and we'll be broke together -- and feel warm and squishy about being good to the earth anyway. ...

And remember, as the old saying goes, it's better to be broke than to further the break-up of the Arctic ice shelf.

As big fans of that "old saying," we'll be eagerly awaiting future installments. If you're truly a fan of frugal green living, and want to get your fix before Kate's next column, make sure to check out The Compact's blog (which she mentions in the column), and the new Year of Zero blog, where writer Dave Zero records his efforts " try to buy only what I need in 2007." We wish him well! ::"Ask a Brokeass" at Gristmill