Grist Magazine Seeks Executive Editor for Seattle Office

This just in - Grist Magazine is hiring an Executive Editor. We reference the popular online, environmental magazine quite a few times on TreeHugger and now's your opportunity to play a crucial role. Thanks for sending us the tip, Michele W.!
"Grist Magazine seeks an experienced, innovative, energetic editor to manage our growing editorial staff and help shape the direction of our award-winning online environmental magazine. This is a full-time position located in our downtown Seattle office. We are seeking to hire a qualified candidate as soon as possible." Some of the qualifications that are necessary include: "The creativity to see new ways to expand and improve environmental coverage, and the pragmatism and people skills to implement that vision; Capacity to thrive under daily and weekly deadlines and; Ability to wisecrack with the best of 'em." Think you're interested? For more information, check the job posting on their web site.