Grist Magazine Interviews Larry David


We recently wrote about Larry David's hybrid, a Prius that he is giving away (or rather that his wife his giving away, according to the Grist interview) as the main prize for the campaign. In the interview, we learn about something that sounds quite interesting: "At 8 p.m. (7 p.m. Central) on Nov. 20, TBS will air "Earth to America!," a two-hour comedy extravaganza produced by Laurie and starring Larry that is designed to get America laughing -- and, more to the point, learning -- about global warming. They promise it will be an upbeat, non-preachy, gut-splitting TV special about one of the least funny issues on the planet." ::Grist Interview with Larry David, ::Earth to America!,, ::Curb Global Warming & Win Larry David's Hybrid, ::Preserving the Earth, One Joke at a Time