Grist Lists Green Hollywood Youth, Julia Stiles' New Clothing Line, and More

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Grist's list of young, green Hollywood stars calls out the actors and actresses who spend their free time supporting environmental organizations, promoting sustainability on-set, and making their homes more energy efficient--and while the inclusion of Adrian Grenier, Orlando Bloom, and Natalie Portman may not surprise you, click through to see other up-and-coming celebrities that will.Also on the list? Emma Watson, Blake Lively, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mos Def, Kristen Bell, Rachel McAdams, and Dominic Monaghan--among others--who have the fame and influence to get a new generation on a green path. (See the full list here.)

Actress Julia Stiles strikes out against celebrity designers whose eco-fashion lines are all just greenwash in this tongue-in-cheek video promoting her own green brand, Julia Stiles Styles. Pieces include A Guy's Thing (a suit made of newspaper, complete with Swiffer tie), Save the Last Shants (what--you've never heard of Shants? They're pants that can also be worn as a shirt), and 10 Shirts I Hate About You--a top constructed from pieces of ten different vintage shirts. But it's in the interview portion of the video where Stiles really takes her shots; click above to hear her answer questions about her design background and her reuse practices.

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The annual Oceana SeaChange Summer Party, held this week in Laguna Beach, CA, honored Glenn Close and Morgan Freeman for their environmental activism and brought together a star-studded audience to raise almost $900,000 for the organization's conservation efforts. Ted Danson, Kate Walsh, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Anne Heche, and Lauren Hutton all turned out to support Oceana while chatting about their own eco-friendly changes: Danson, his wife, and three children have hybrids, Walsh will join Oceana in a campaign to save sea turtles this fall, and Hutton equipped her home with solar panels and grows her own vegetables. (Via Mother Nature Network)

PETA isn't exactly known for its subtlety, and this video that targets Ronald McDonald is no exception: Martin Short's Jiminy Glick sits down for a one-on-one with McDonald (played by Andy Dick), who describes his daily routine of boiling chickens alive, breaking their legs and wings, and turning them into nuggets. It will definitely make you think twice next time you pull up to the drive-through (and possibly give you nightmares of murdering, carnivorous clowns).
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Planning to see the Dave Matthews Band on tour this summer? Bring your recyclables and the band will hand over free download of its So Much to Save album, which includes tracks from DMB and their tour openers--and if you missed your chance to get tickets, you can take an online pledge to join the So Much to Save project and get the same download. The actions range from simple--like recycling a cell phone--to more involved--like starting a recycling program--but at least you'll have your new green soundtrack on in the background.
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