Your Guide to Green Anything


Offering the ability to fill in the blank and answer the question "What do you want to green in your life?", is open for business with today's beta launch. Important facts, actionable tips, and cutting-edge products combine to create what the site hopes to be: "Your Guide to Green Anything" -- whether you want to green your lighting and your heating, or your dating and your voting, they'll aim to have you covered.

With 29 categories in more than 100 subject areas with more than 500 green tips adding up to more than 2,000 pages of facts, tips, and products, they look to be off to a solid start. But it's not just another "green living" site. Emphasizing the power of online community development, GreenYour is built on an open-source content development platform, allowing site moderators to give power-users the ability to create new content around their particular areas of expertise and providing GreenYour the opportunity to feature timely recommendations from leading environmental experts and organizations.
Sound good? GreenYour is currently inviting individuals and organizations with environmental backgrounds to contribute their expertise; GreenYour encourage anyone passionate about green living to share tips or products with them. To get a taste of what GreenYour will be providing, check out their blog, or dive right in to the facts section, take green action using the tips section or use their listings to find products with a greener footprint. Better yet, just fill in the blank at the top of the page, and get info right away on whatever you want to green; a few of the searches I tried -- for eating and shoes -- produced pretty solid results.

Good luck, team GreenYour!
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