GreenWorks Realty

Slowly businesses and consumers are becoming eco-friendly, but there's still one missing piece that could use a lot help. GreenWorks Realty, based in Seattle, has tapped into that and their specialty is none other than what it sounds like — they find and develop environmentally sound residential and commercial real estate. They have an extensive network within the green building and development industry and therefore can offer their customers a unique resource. On top of the fact that we love their commitment to "green" real estate, they offer a program called CHED, a Green Home Assessment Package to educate homebuyers about their options to increase quality of life. CHED stands for comfort, health, energy efficiency and durability and being a member of the program gets you loads of information including green home ideas, gift certificates and reference guides. There are three different levels of membership with the first starting at $350. That's pretty reasonable considering what you get and the difference you will be making within your home environment. We hope a few real estate gurus are reading this one — this market is definitely a niche worth investigating. Great tip Brad H.! ::GreenWorks Realty [by KD]