GreenTreks Network & Natural Heroes


"Telling stories that change the world" is the motto for this group of communicators. A video production house that make the documentaries that pop up on our televisons telling us about the work of the brave who are out there striving to make this a better world. A 'moving image' TreeHugger, if we might be so bold to draw such parallel. Their mission, in their own words, is "to make the health of the environment an intrinsic part of everyday life and to inspire individuals to make informed decisions that effect positive environmental change." One of the programs to further that aim is called Natural Heroes — A new 13 episode series developed between them and KRCB-TV. It's been made by a collection of independent film makers and calls are now out for a second series, so if you are, or know a film maker, with a inspring eco story to tell, then get in touch with ::GreenTreks [by WM]