GreenScore: How Green is Your Household?


Global Action Plan has developed a questionnaire to determine how green your household is, considering your (and anyone you live with) energy and water use, along with shopping habits and transportation choices. By answering questions about how you heat, cool and light your home, what goes down the drain, what products come through the door and how you get around when you leave, their calculator will crunch the numbers a determine a "GreenScore"; the closer to 100 your household scores, the greener you are. Nobody is perfect, and neither is the survey; it's meant to relatively gauge the lifestyle habits of thousands of people, so there will almost certainly be questions that don't apply or don't accurately reflect the way things go in your house. Still, it's a decent litmus test for the green things you do, things you don't and things you know you should, but just haven't gotten around to yet. It's geared toward TreeHuggers in the UK, but should apply to most anyone reading this post. When you finish up, there are tips to improve each of the four areas. The verdict for this TreeHugger: better than average, but with room for improvement. How green are you? ::GreenScore via ::Hippyshopper

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