Greensburg is Back! Tune Into the Second Season

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If the Midwestern, small city charm and uplifting sustainable story behind Greensburg Kansas' green, post-tornado makeover moved you to happy tears—or action—there's reason to rejoice. Planet Green has picked up the Greensburg series for another season-long run, continuing the story of a community's plight to rebuild their city green after the devastating 2007 twister (that was an estimated 1.7 miles wide!) wiped it out.

So what's in store this new season? We couldn't get too many details—after all, that would spoil it! But what we did find out was this:

  • Businesses move back to Main Street and public schools reopen
  • The city welcomes a new family that specifically moves to Greensburg to get involved in the green initiative
  • The "Incubator" opens up—an eco-friendly facility being funded by SunChips to help get local businesses back on the map to help support the city's economic infrastructure
  • Steve Hewitt and other Greensburg visionaries go to the Sichuan province in China—which was shook up by a terrible earthquake in 2008, killing thousands and leaving almost 5 million homeless. Hewitt and his team form a partnership with the province, so they can rebuild Greensburg and Sichuan the eco-friendly way, together, and share their experiences along the way

Want more? Tune into Planet Green this Sunday, May 3 at 9pm EST to catch the premiere episode!

Click over to Planet Green to learn more about the show and check out some of the webisodes while you're at it.

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