Greensburg Hits Connecticut's 'Burbs Through Photography

greensburg sign photo

Having grown up in Connecticut’s ‘burbs, I know just how difficult it can be trying to live green there when the nearest grocery market can be a 25 minute drive away. My observations of one of the state’s wealthiest parts (Fairfield County) have felt like a series of dichotomies. You might see a lush veggie garden growing beside an, old Victorian home but then a SUV or two parked in the driveway. Or a family of three eating all organic but living inside a giant McMansion. I’m sure this suburban story isn’t exclusive to CT and I bet I’m not the only one daydreaming of a time when it won’t take a natural disaster to build suburbia green from the bottom up, like they did with Greensburg, Kansas.

Luckily we’ve got folks like Remy Chevalier, long-time greenie, tipster, and friend of TreeHugger, planting the Greensburg seed in the ‘burbs with his newly formed, CT-based environmental networking center and art exhibit.
CT-dwelling folks should take a trip over to the The Flow of Art gallery in Norwalk where photographs of Greensburg’s green-o-vation will be on display until Thursday, July 31st. The public opening is tomorrow night, Friday, July 25th from 6-9 pm. If you go, head over to Remy’s eco-burb headquarters, The Aquarium, afterwards to schmooze and check out the space’s collection of over 1000 green architectural books.

If you can’t make it to the exhibit, check out Planet Green’s TV series, Greensburg. (If you can’t find it use the channel finder.)

Thanks for the tip and congratulations, Remy!

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