Greenpeace Activists Detain Palm Oil Tanker: Where Do Readers Stand on Direct Action?

finland palm oil protest photo

Greenpeace Finland protesters targeting the other end of the palm oil chain, photo: Greenpeace Finland

I’m not entirely sure that this is the type of civil disobedience Al Gore was talking about at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting back in September, but maybe I’m wrong...

Yesterday, Greenpeace announced that, in order to highlight the ongoing deforestation occurring in Indonesia due to expanding oil palm cultivation, it had stopped a palm oil shipments from leaving port in Dumai, Indonesia. The activists locked themselves to the ship’s anchor chain to prevent its departure. The ship was bound for the Netherlands.

Bustar Maitar of Greenpeace Southeast Asia describes what happened next,Activists Paint Slogans on Palm Oil Tankers

Greenpeace activists painted the words ‘Forest Crime’ and ‘Climate Crime’ on the hull of three palm oil tankers and a barge full of rainforest timber.

The government and businesses should stop the rapid conversion of forests and peatlands into palm oil plantation in order to combat climate change.

Deforestation will continue without strong commitment. (AFP/Yahoo News)

Palm Oil Expansion Biggest Cause of Indonesian Deforestation
Maiter elaborated on the Greenpeace SEA site:
Greenpeace believes that increasing productivity on existing palm oil plantations is the solution to increased global demand, rather than destroying our remaining forests. Continued palm oil expansion in the intact forests of Indonesia is the biggest driver of deforestation and peatland destruction.

What I want to know is this:

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