Greenopia Hits Los Angeles


For green urbanites seeking out a slick way to keep their daily eco-lifestyle flowing smoothly, Greenopia offers a refined guide to green living. Greenopia has recently come to life as both a pocket guide and an online community website with local green listings for almost anything you might be looking for. Whether it’s a green drycleaner or a green architect, an organic dinner or a pair of organic jeans, it’s probably in there. Greenopia covers categories like hair and beauty, restaurants and grocery stores, green building and alternative energy, transportation and alternative fuels, hotels, clothes, pharmacies, and everyday services, all of which are broken down by region, so readers can find what’s closest. Not only that, but many of the stores and services are rated for their greenness on a scale of one to four leaves, pointing you towards what’s greenest. Each section of the book starts with a preface from trailblazers like Loomstate’s Scott Hanh, TreePeople’s Andy Lipkis, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Laurie David, and Grub authors Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry. Greenopia ambitiously tackled Los Angeles first (arguably the most difficult city to green-map) with more cities soon to follow. :: Greenopia