Greening Your Beat


It's not just the Mad Professor who likes coming to Israel Thanks to a tipster at World Changing (David Zaks) - we are about to back-comb our hair and wax it into natty dreadlocks in preparation for Israel's Reggae Environmental Education Concert. The event will take place on February 22 with a desert vista at Kibbutz Ein Herod on the Dead Sea. Reggae party organizer Island Galambos says Jamaican reggae artist Pato Banton will perform and lecture at the green event. "We are going to be promoting an earth friendly environment with guest speakers discussing Solar Energy, Bio-Diesel, Recycling, Organic Foods, Clean Air, and more," writes Galambos. During his 2006 visit to the Holy Land, Galambos writes that he has made "wonderful contacts and friends and want to invite all to this event." If you are over here in the Holy Land or are making land holy in your own land, give Galambos a shout out to help plan the environmental sides of green in Israel (you weren't imagining some other sort of green were you?). Email Island Galambos or phone 707-845-1114 (it looks like a US-based number)