Greening Young Minds Through Earth Jams


One man, a guitar, and a plan That best summarizes singer/songwriter and environmentalist Matt Loosigian. He's come up with a plan to reach minds that might otherwise not be exposed to the whole green concept by reaching out to them through music. Essentially, Matt's "Earth Jams" are a one-man musical show, based in Maine, and dedicated to teaching peace, compassion and environmental justice by creating and singing songs with kids. It works so well because music can be such a powerful teaching tool when tunes stick in their heads long after they've left the classroom. As Matt points out, "the kids have such a great time singing and clapping along, but when they go home they realize they've learned something valuable." And valuable indeed through songs like "Energy Detective", that helps kids understand that there are lots of ways to conserve energy, by doing things like taking a shorter shower that can make a huge difference. "Turn Off the Lights" is a bluesy song that reminds kids to flip the switch when they leave the room. With kids across the state of Maine learning to be green through music, it sounds like Matt is a great example of one man making a difference to change the world