Greenerschnitzels Finds a Funny Way to Talk About Serious Stuff (Video)

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If you're a greenie with a taste for sketch comedy, Greenerschnitzels is up your alley. It is a brand new series of SNL-style documentary episodes that address issues like man-made versus cow-made green house gas episode you can check out when you click through.

Tired of the same lame Green programming? Well you're not alone. Manatees and unemployed underachievers are sick of it too! Which is why we've created GREENER-SCHNITZELS - an ongoing series of webisodes that blends sketch comedy and documentary filmmaking to deliver funny truths about our warming planet. It's information that tastes better than hot dogs. Enjoy!

Anything that adds humor into the mix is great when it comes to hashing out some serious stuff like why it's important to know the carbon footprint of red meat and dairy products, global warming, and other scary issues.

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