Greenbuilding or Greenwashing?



We picked up a sample of a product at a local homeshow- tiles to put on your basement floor to keep it warm and comfortable. We noticed a logo for "greenbuilding" and a note about it being recognized as a green product. Wondering how a sheet of formaldehyde-filled particle board glued to Styrofoam SM could be a green product, we asked the salesman, who said "it saves energy". We are sorry- if you think saving energy alone makes you green, we have a few over-insulated, underventilated, mouldy and toxic condos to sell to you. Sticking a label on your product where all of google cannot find the organization that called you green does not make you green; this is greenwashing plain and simple. We will not publish their name because their website and other literature have no mention of this, so perhaps they have had a change of heart. However we are interested in any other egregious examples of greenwashing that readers have seen. We will try to think of an appropriate prize for the best submission- perhaps a plaque made out of particleboard and styrofoam.