GreenBuild: So Many Vendors, So Many USB Media Kits

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Media kits are not really necessary anymore; a company can put all of the stuff online. But that doesn't stop companies from trying to put something into your hands to remember them by. USB keys are all the rage, and they get snapped up fast. I refused to take any print material as I had to carry everything on my bike, but who could turn down a bamboo InterFace USB key? The prize for over-the-top USB key presentation goes to KONE elevators, who put a lovely bamboo key with magnetic lid into a pouch made in Finland by Globe Hope out of old Kone Technician overalls. The silliest was the 1GB key from Project Frog, where I really wanted to find decent photographs and information for my post, but got a single 3 meg PDF.

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So many types of key to grab your attention.

The USB key vendors claim that they are cheaper, greener and more effective:

The next time you attend an exhibition check out the piles of branded carrier bags full of glossy brochures unceremonially dumped outside the halls - and be honest, how often as an attendee do you bin those unwanted brochures thrust into your hands?

But I was in the media room where I could watch the working press in action, going carefully from shelf to shelf and taking the USB keys while ignoring the CDs and the literature- they did not care who the key was from, just that they could grab a free gig of memory. (Of course, I took the keys shown above for journalistic purposes only).

Perhaps a really green show should promote the idea of no printed literature at all, whether on paper, discs or keys.

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