Green6: NYC Sustainable Design at ICFF


The confluence of contemporary and sustainable product design is a topic that gets a lot of play here at TreeHugger, so we're always glad to see it spread further to reach a wider audience. Though we've been concentrating on HauteGREEN lately, there is another exhibit later this week that New Yorkers should pay special attention to. The Green6 exhibit (booth 1732 in the Furniture New York area) will showcase the work of six New York based sustainable designers who are the at forefront of the aforementioned movement. The work of the Green6 reflects the idea that green design has become a prerequisite for "good" design and is emerging from the fringes to the fashionable. The exhibit will showcase the magnitude of green design innovation underway in the marketplace as practiced by cutting-edge sustainable designers, and will feature some of our favorite furniture/interiors designers. The work of Brave Space, Cambium Studio (who were also featured in our HauteGREEN Sneak Peek series), Fire & Water, Niche Design, Moe Design Studio and a joint collaboration between Delano Collection and Vivavi will all showcase how New York has become an epicenter for sustainable design. The booth itself will also be green, constructed of eco materials donated in part by another New York green designer: Bart Bettencourt of Bettencourt Green Building Supplies. If you can't make it to HauteGREEN (or even if you can) we recommend stopping by the Green6 booth to see six ways sustainable design informs and improves our lives. ::Green6