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The Green Your School Challenge is back! There are many ways to reduce energy consumption or make a building or process more sustainable, so the Green Your School Challenge is aiming to get students and teachers thinking creatively about what they can do to green their particular school. More than 200,000 young people are expected to participate in this year's challenge, announced this week by and HP. In addition to energy conservation, waste reduction and community gardens, DoSomething is encouraging people to get creative and figure out how to use technology to go green.Wayne Surdam of HP executive said about the program, "We partnered with to celebrate and reward teens that are taking action to green their schools and our planet."

On board this year is celebrity spokeswoman Olivia Munn (you might know her from the Daily Show, or from NBC's Perfect Couples)—she made a PSA that will air on Channel One News and VH1.

"We don't always have the resources or money to do everything we want to do, but we can all do a little something to make our Earth healthier," she said. "We've run out of excuses. It's time to make our own changes."

Munn will sit on the panel of judges that will evaluate the entries based on participation, innovation and use of technology, overall reduction in waste, energy saved and creativity.

The campaign started Tuesday and runs through April 1—that's eight weeks to enter and to incentivize students, Green Your School is offering participants a chance to Skype with Olivia Munn, a $5,000 grant and five HP computers for the winning school.

As an example of what a winning entry looks like, last year's Grand Prize went to San Marcos High School, which collected 3,500 bottles to raise awareness of the 3500 plastic bottles thrown away every second in the U.S., hosted a school-wide assembly, initiated energy audits for their school, and launched walk/bike-to-school days. For all that, they received a $5,000 grant and five HP notebooks to power future green projects.

Nancy Lublin, CEO, said, "I was way more creative when I was 15, which is why we're unleashing an army of teens to green their schools in ways that old people might never imagine."

April is coming up fast—get to work on your entries ready today.

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