Green Vocabulary Makes it Into Chambers Dictionary

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Some of the words that were introduced in the 11th edition of the Chambers dictionary have green origins. BBC News reports:

"'Electrosmog' refers to the electromagnetic fields emitted by computers and mobile phones, 'eco-village' is a term used for small ecologically-sustainable communities and 'carbon footprint' is the measure of the impact human activities on the environment."

There is also 'food miles', referring to how far away your food come from, and 'green tax', in reference to putting a price on undesirable things like CO2 or mercury to reduce pollution.

Of course, it doesn't really matter to most if words are in a dictionary or not, as long as others know what you're talking about. But these inclusions are a good sign that green concepts are getting firmly established in mainstream consciousness. Dictionary editor in chief Mary O'Neill said: "The new words we added to this 11th edition of The Chambers Dictionary paint a vivid picture of current interests and concerns."

Some of the other new word included in the Chambers are: 'credit crunch', 'wardrobe malfunction', 'social networking', 'fashion forward', and 'blue-on-blue'.

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