Green TV: Next Best Thing To TreeHugger TV


We wholeheartedly advocate loving our neighbours which is why we were excited to see Green TV the other day whilst browsing through the iTunes podcast directory. While we are fiercely proud of our achievements on TreeHugger TV it would be just downright churlish of us not to celebrate other environmental video podcasts as well. Green TV ‘is the first website to bring together films from a whole range of environmental organisations and independent filmmakers and make them available to anyone anywhere.’ They work in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and are showing films from, amongst others, DEFRA, European Environment Agency, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Water Aid, the Sierra Club, RUCN, Stop Climate Chaos. The films are filed under the headings of air, land, water, climate change, technologies, people, and species. I was, to be honest, rather put off by the first podcast I downloaded which was a rather dull bunch of politicians chin wagging their way around a conference room. However, having had a wander around the Green TV website it is obvious that this was just one dud amongst many others of more interest and higher quality. We like Green TV for their ‘issue’ based approach and for promoting the important work of environmental organisations. They also have a blog where you can share your thoughts on Green TV. We say turn on, tune in, and help out the environment. ::Green TV