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Micah Carrick dropped us a line, if you'll pardon the pun, regarding environmentally friendly recreational fishing. As the proprietor of the US-based online eco fishing store, Green Tackle, Micah had a few pearls of wisdom for anglers wanting to leave less of an impact.

The tips included choosing fishing weights not made from lead, which can pose a threat to wildlife , like the Common Loon, but from alternatives like brass, steel, bismuth, tin, iron, and tungsten. Avoiding the use of live bait (worms, etc) that didn't come form the same water source, as they can lead to the spread of invasive aquatic species. Reusable lures being the suggested option. Micah also points out that fishing line lasts hundreds of years in the environment and causes problems to wildlife and humans, but can now be remedied by selected biodegradable line.

See below for more about Green Tackle and the products they offer.

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Recycled Waders is a collection of bags and pouches made in the USA, from reused materials. Old waders, complete with sun bleached sections, previous owners monograms, and aquaseal repairs, are "deconstructed", "de-fumigated", cut and sewn within a 15-mile radius in Seattle, WA.

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The Lead Free Sinkers sold by Green Tackle are made from 100% lead free bismuth-tin alloy. Wikipedia has this to say about Bismuth: "As the toxicity of lead has become more apparent in recent years, alloy uses for bismuth metal as a replacement for lead have become an increasing part of bismuth's commercial importance. .... Scientific literature concurs with the idea that bismuth and its compounds are less toxic than lead or its other periodic table neighbours (antimony, polonium) and that it is not bioaccumulative."

Bioline is said to be a 100% biodegradable fishing line that will degrade within about five years (compared to up to 500 years with monofilament line). However it retains solid performance characteristics like knot strength, casting distance, and UV and abrasion resistance for about a year once spooled on on your reel.

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The MonoMASTER is a gadget that can hang from your fishing vest that easily stows waste lengths of fishing line, so it will won't tangle with the rest of your tackle or become a choking or entrapment hazard for wildlife or marine critters.

Green Tackle seem to take their calling seriously. Their shipping reuses cardboard boxes, which are stamped rather than need adhesive stickers. If no suitable reusable boxes are available for your order, then 100% post-consumer waste recycled corrugated box. Likewise packing slips are printed on100% post-consumer recycled paper. !00% of their energy usage is offset by renewable energy through Portland General Electric's Green Source program. Green Tackle is a member of Green America Business Network (formerly Coop America), as well as highlighting the work of Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers, Trout Unlimited and Recycled Fish
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