Green Student Design Challenges Status Quo at SRD Change 08 Exhibition

Lightway OLED louvre window photo

If profound statements are said to issue from the mouths of babes, then it may be that important and significant innovation springs forth from the pens and computer mice of design students. At least that is the view of the Society for Responsible Design.

The almost 20 year old SRD, which merged with the equally venerable EcoDesign Foundation some years ago, has for five years been gathering up all the sustainably minded students from the myriad universities of Sydney, Australia, and holding a joint exhibition of their work. Over 16 works will be on display this year, including the solar powered, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) louvre window from 23 year old Damian Savio, (pictured above)

Damian’s 'Lightway' window has a nanotechnology solar film printed on the glass louvres. If these can suck up at least four hours of direct sunlight and another two of daylight it will powered the OLED-enable inner surface of the window for about six hours. Apparently the it will output as much illumination as a 60 watt bulb, but only by drawing five watts. All the while still working as a normal transparent window. And there are more bright ideas from David’s fellow students.

SRD Change08 logo image

There are designs for sustainable community initiative groups; interior textiles and wallpapers based on the endangered native plant species; an earthenware fresh food cooler; an urban eco-city design; and a kitchen sink that uses water over and over. (Previous student exhibitors have ended up as Australian Design Award finalists, with some even garnering global exposure. For example, Julie Frost’s potable water sterilisation project went on to be developed by an international aid agency, whist Rachael Cassar reconstructed fashion pieces won a first prize award in Italy.

Sydneysiders can see the SRD Change 08: Graduate Sustainable Design Exhibition when it opens 6pm on the 23 September 2008 in the TAP Gallery, Palmer Street, Darlinghurst. The exhibition will run until 28 September.

A version of the exhibition will later be reinvigorated for a showing at the all singing, all dancing, Green Tech Expo due for Sydney in November 2008.

Should none of these work for you then maybe you’ll get lucky and the volunteer based not-for-profit SRD will get a few of them up on the website in due course. ::SRD Change 08: Graduate Sustainable Design Exhibition

More detail on Damian Savio’s OLED window can be found the Sydney Morning article, which where we also found the top photo. (NB: Damian's design work will be exhibited at Change08, but his actual prototype window is currently with Sydney' Powerhouse Museum.)

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Disclosure: This writer has been a committee member of the SRD for the past 13 or so years, though his activity level fluxes and wanes.

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