Green Stats: 48


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48 -- the percent of Americans who say they'll try to buy fewer gifts or holiday products this season because they are concerned about the effect their consumption may have on the environment.

59 -- the percent of Americans who say they are more likely to buy "green" products this year than in the past.

54 -- the percent who say they would be willing to pay more for a holiday gift or product if it is environmentally responsible, and an equally motivated number (55 percent) say they proactively seek opportunities to buy green gifts and products around the holidays.

Americans' environmentally sensitive behavior extends beyond gifts, as well. They are purchasing gift wrap made from recycled paper (42 percent) or decorating with energy efficient holiday lighting (32 percent). All of this according to The 2007 Cone Holiday Environmental Survey, which also found that more than half of Americans surveyed (52 percent) say the motivation for green shopping is to alleviate the guilt associated with holiday consumption. Looking for green gifts that won't leave you feeling guilty? Hit up TreeHugger's 2007 Gift Guide and read more of the survey at ::CSRwire

Green Stats: 48
59 -- the percent of Americans who say

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