Green Sports: Washington Post Get On Board


In fact they get aboard surfboards, snowboards, skateboards as well as bikes, and sports balls. On learning that green claims can give sports goods manufacturers a "marketing edge" they ponder if there is genuine environmental motivation behind such moves, or is it really just promotional ploys to make us feel better about our toys.

After discovering that the Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC) is working up a green stamp to certify eco-sports product they embark on their own exploration of the issue taking a cursory glance at the aforementioned sports products and asking for opinion from 'experts.' It is a useful exercise, but not overly in-depth (a malady we have also been accused of here.) But great that the greening of the sports industry is showing up enough on the media's radar to be reported. ::Washington Post, via the eagle-eyed Grist team.

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