Green Speed Dating Hopes 3 Minutes Will Change Your Life

speed daters photo

Green Singles and the ecosexual phenomenon seem to be gaining steam and so we figured it was only a matter of time before someone thought to bill a speed dating event, where "time is the enemy," green. National Public Radio recently had a piece about an event in Santa Monica in June that in fact attracted a less-than-impressively-green crew to a speed dating event ostensibly for people looking for savvy eco mates.

NPR gently pokes fun at the fact that most of the speed daters valet-parked their Range Rovers and Land Rovers upon arrival. One guy, when asked how he is green, replies, "I recycle, that's pretty much what I do." Organized by LA-Fun, the event attracted 16 singles in their 30s and 40s and attendees paid $20 as a cover charge, which went to the Solar School Project in Nicaragua.
One speed dater interviewed by NPR actually rode his bike to the event. But by the end he had determined that no one there was green enough for him.

"We can't all drive bicycles like I do," Jaquet said. "But I want to see people at a green speed dating who've at least tried." The next Green Speed Dating event will be held August 24 in Long Beach, California.:: Via NPR, Green Speed Dating

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