Green Seniors: Environmental Action. Age No Limit.

It's a bit of a cliché in environmental circles that we do what we do for coming generations — take the famous 'Seven Generations' quote for example. It seems interesting then, that the greenest age group in the UK, according to a recent poll, is pensioners. According to this BBC report, "over 90% recycle their litter, four out of five take showers rather than baths and 79% use low-energy light bulbs."

The report features a number of senior eco-activists, including Joyce Emery, the co-founder of Green Seniors, a fledgling network of activists with the slogan 'Environmental Action. Age No Limit.' Emery, also known under her blogging name of Green Granny, told the BBC that as you get older, you realize that money and career aren't everything:

"Younger people are so focused on getting ahead financially, on keeping up with expectations of what it is to be successful. Older people realise there is more to life."

It does indeed seem that the intergenerational ethic is a key motivator for many, such as Amyan MacFadyen, who recently traded in his car for a bicycle at the age of 85:

"Sheffield is very hilly, so it's not all that good for bikes, but I am very concerned about climate change and the catastrophic effect it's going to have on the Earth's population. [ ] I have four children and seven grandchildren, and it does make you worry about what sort of world they will live in."

This Treehugger certainly hopes that he'll be as active as these heroes when he finally gets to retire, both for his own sake, and for the generations to come.

[Written by: Sami Grover]