Green Puppy in the Obama White House

The Obama meet their new puppy photo

Image: Pete Souza -- The White House Photo on WashingtonPost
Political Puppy Pleases
If anyone had any doubts about Obama's abilities to navigate delicate politcal situations and finesse an optimal outcome, these reservations must now be dashed: the White House puppy choice has been announced. Call it a dog decision that required more planning than D-day! And it is a choice intended to satisfy politicos, greens, animal activists, and just about everyone. Read on to learn the hot gossip on the intrigue behind the introduction of the new first dog, see some more photos and for some green pet tips.
Portuguese water dog puppy and adult available for adoption photo

Image: PetFinder, portuguese water dog puppy and adult up for adoption
Dog Adoption Options
In the face of pressures for a dog adoption, the White House found a recycled portuguese water dog -- a dog that had been returned to the breeder by a family that no longer wanted him. The breed meets the need for a hypo-allergenic dog for Malia. While acknowledging the justice of demands that Obama act as role model by adopting a dog, Obama had voiced concerns about his daughter's allergies. It is easier to manage such an issue when the dog's background is fully known.

For further shelter from any animal activist accusations, the dog is a gift that will be presented by Ted Kennedy in person on Tuesday 14th April. The Kennedys own several portuguese water dogs themselves. What a perfect political media twist: a Kennedy dog in the White House. The portuguese water dog is a working breed which almost went extinct as the need for dogs to dive for fish or broken nets and to carry messages between boats diminished.

Bo the White House dog photo

Image: Pete Souza -- The White House Photo on WashingtonPost
Charlie Becomes Bo
For those who might question whether getting a six-month old dog from a breeder constitutes adoption, they should know that the Obama's dog currently comes to the name of Charlie. The Obama girls have decided to rename Charlie as Bo, apparently after the singer Bo Diddley, and in recognition of their maternal grandpa, who was nicknamed Diddley.

The News Intrigues
Obama told Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet:

With respect to the dog, this is a major issue. I think it's generated more interest on our Web site than just about anything.
The White House promised the exciting puppy news to the Washington Post, having given the white house garden story to the New York Times. But a leak forced the rushed release of the news, which was intended to be timed with the dogs delivery to the White House. The Washington Post's droll reporting on the course of events is worth a read.

Tips for a Greener Pet
So at least one campaign promise is fulfilled. We wish Malia and Sasha every happiness with their new friend. We would be proud and honored to hope that the girls might read How to Go Green: Pets.

For anyone enjoying the love and devotion of a wonderful pet, here are a couple leads on environmentally friendly pet products:

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