Green Power-Generating Gyms Becoming More Common

microgym picture

We have talked about it for years on TreeHugger- the possibility of workout equipment generating electricity instead of consuming it. Now the New York Times covers the subject, noting that:

"Of course, riding a real bike rather than driving a car saves much more energy than riding a stationary bike attached to a generator, said Clark Williams-Derry, research director for the Sightline Institute, an environmental research center in Seattle. Nonetheless, Mr. Williams-Derry said, the human power initiatives "show the kind of ingenuity that we're capable of, and a comprehensive, smart climate policy would unleash lots of similar efforts."
not the video described in the Times but the only one we could find.

The Times also introduces us to David Butcher.

"For the last two years, Mr. Butcher has been riding a pedal-powered generator he created in his basement. He said his 45-minute exercise routine, available to interested viewers on YouTube, supplies power to his laptop computer, a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner and compact fluorescents.

"I'm in better shape than I've been in 20 years," Mr. Butcher said. "I feel like a motor."::New York Times
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