Green Police Nab Super Bowl Ad for Audi

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Anteater sniffs for fuel inefficient vehicles at roadblock. Photo from Audi

Cheap Trick? Yes, lead singer Robin Zander has re-recorded the band's '80s hit "Dream Police" for Audi's Super Bowl "Green Police" ad tomorrow. The spot opens with an arrest at a supermarket when a customer at checkout responds to the classic Paper or Plastic question. "You've picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy!" More busts ensue. Tomorrow, close to 100 million are expected to watch the 44th Super Bowl 2010, but among the inane, clever, offensive, and amusing ads, this Audi commercial touts its A3 TDI model. Check out this tongue-in-cheek eco-message -- is it a winner?

A garbage battery patrol, a compost infraction, lightbulb crackdown, bust for styrofoam coffee cups, and energy-efficiency roadblock -- over-the-top, a good idea, or what green-aware kids do to oblivious parents?

The ad mentions Audi's A3 TDI winning Green Car Journal's "Green Car of the Year" award for running on clean diesel and achieving 42 mpg on the highway, claiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. Leading up to the Super Bowl Sunday spots, Audi created a series of PSAs offering guidelines against 'napkin abuse to save a billion pounds of paper from landfills each year and urging 'Mother Nature haters' to save 1,000 pounds of CO2 by unplugging electronics from power strips. Is this all a fun way to get the message across or a cynical poke at environmentalists?

Earn Prizes for Recycling

In a town not far from Miami's Super Bowl stadium, Hollywood, Florida's Recycle Bank rewards residents to recycle with coupons good at grocery stores, local restaurants, pharmacy, a yoga studio, as well as Home Depot, Target and Coca-Cola. Perhaps this TV ad speaks to all who require bribery to recycle.

There are five foreign car spots airing tomorrow, but not surprisingly, only Ford, among America's Big Three auto manufacturers, signed on for the approximately $2,500,000 cost per 30-seconds of commercial airtime. No doubt, Ford will "focus" on its hybrids. Will Toyota try to burnish its rep in light of recent brake problems? The annual Super Bowl ad drama involves controversy over a rejected spot featuring a gay kiss and one with NFL player Tim Tebow's an anti-abortion message. According to Nielson polls, 51 percent of viewers prefer the advertising to the action on the field.

If watching the game, the half-time show, and/or the commercials, green your party. And as Roger Daltrey of The Who, performing this year, said, "New Orleans is due a little bit of luck, so I'm going with the Saints."

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