Green Personality of the Year: Jonathon Porritt

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The Edie Awards for Environmental Excellence are an industry recognition of companies that are making "practical improvements to the environment and the way we do business." Edie (Environmental Data Interactive Exchange) is an environmental website and a directory of products for environmental professionals and anyone else with an interest in green issues. The winner of the Green Personality of the Year 2008 is Jonathon Porritt, beating out George Monbiot, Prince Charles, David Attenborough and (Prime Minister) Gordon Brown.

Sir Jonathon Porritt, called by the New Statesman "tree hugger in chief, a self-righteous prophet", is a co-founder of Forum for the Future. It's a charity dedicated to the growth of sustainable development by working with organisations in business and the public sector. He is also Co-Director of the Prince of Wales' Business and Environment Programme (that means he beat out his boss on this award) and Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, a former Director of Friends of the Earth ; past co-chair of the Green Party and author of "Capitalism – as if the World Matters".

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The awards themselves were handmade and crafted by a local blacksmith who used scrap metal that could otherwise have ended up in landfill. Edie Environmental Awards
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