Green Pages. The New Eco Directory for Australia


Early next month will see the all singing, dancing launch of Green Pages 2006. The publications will be available both in a Business and Lifestyle version. The promo blurb reads "Published in high quality full colour, Green Pages Lifestyle 2006 features over 4000 environmentally sustainable products and services for the home, finances, travel, kitchen, office, lifestyle . . . and well, just about everything. The magazine's look and feel portrays environmentally sustainable living is vibrant and progressive." Certainly the advance marketing material has that flavour. The company behind the initiative go on to say, "as a marketing business, we aim to connect green businesses with green buyers at a standard that has not yet been achieved in Australia." The lifestyle edition will be about 200 pages and retail for $13 AUD, whilst the Business volume will be $35 AUD. A complementary web listing will also be available. One of goals of the project is noted as being to "facilitate a burst of green behavioral change in Australian industry." Fingers crossed they succeed. ::Green Pages Australia.