Green on TV: America's Next Top Model


So, picture a TreeHugger writer getting home, exicted to watch Game 1 of the World Series on TV. Now, picture that same TreeHugger writer instead sitting through an hour of the reality TV series America's Next Top Model because he couldn't get to the remote in time. Sad, isnt' it? Anyway, it seems green messaging is now getting so far into the mainstream, it is even invading reality television. Tonight's Top Model episode featured the models doing a recycling-themed photo shoot as a way to highlight how modeling can be used for the forces of good. Models were decked out in sets featuring recycled newspaper, plastic bags, aluminum cans, etc. Apparently, this whole season is "green" themed, including both the model's housing and the transportation they use.TV Squad gives us a little bit of info about their ride:
To go with this cycles green theme, the girls learned that they'd be transported around town in a 100% biodiesel bus that was replete with earth friendly items like grass and seats made from recycled tires.

ANTM (as they call it) is even pushing energy-conserving housing, having the models live in...a "green" mansion. Yes, we said mansion - the house is freaking huge (even for the gaggle of models it holds). As we have said before, mansions and green building just don't fit in the same sentence. Not only does more space equal more materials and more total energy, large houses make it much for difficult to build a walkable and bikeable community. Maybe next go round, Tyra Banks and Co. will make a real statement by subscribing to the "less is more" philosophy.

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