Green Movement to Occupy Wall Street Today


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Over the last few weeks, the Occupy Wall Street movement has (peacefully) fought its way into the national spotlight. And it's still growing. I was down in Zuccotti park last afternoon, and I spoke to plenty of folks who had just arrived, and were planning on staying for the long haul. The protester's encampment is bristling with energy -- and it's sure to get a major boost today, when unions, college students, and the green movement joins the fray for a massive solidarity march today at 4:30 pm.

If you're in or around New York City, it's the ideal time to show your support. Here are the details ...
From "It's time for environmentalists and climate activists to join the fight to restore America's democracy from the stranglehold of big polluters and corporations. From Keystone XL lobbyists to Big Coal, corporations have polluted our atmosphere and our political process. Join us in fighting back.

This WEDNESDAY we will see the biggest "Occupy Wall Street" march yet, from Foley Square to Wall Street starting at 4:30 p.m. [map here] will lead a contingent of climate activists in the march, and we want you there with us. This is a permitted march (read: non-arrestable),

LOOK FOR THE BIG BLUE 350 FLAG to join the climate contingent! (or call Phil, 202 556 3350)", as you likely already know, is one of the largest and fastest-growing climate action groups in the world. It's led by acclaimed environmentalist and author Bill McKibben, and in just a few years has ballooned into a leading voice for change.

So come down to Foley Square at 4:30 and join the fun (the march is 100% legal; you won't be arrested). And come say hello -- I'll be there.

Get more info and sign up at's Facebook page.

We are the 99% ...

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