Green Living Show Roundup


We tour the booths at the Green Living Show. Image credits: Emma Alter
The Hästens $ 60,000 sleep

It is, of course, all natural horsehair and cotton and flax and pine and down. "Horsehair comes with its own, extremely effective, built-in ventilation system. Moisture passes through the hollow strands so quickly that if you wet horsehair with water and give it a shake, it dries straight away." This particular mattress also costs $ 60,000. Did it feel it? VP Sandy McDermid had to pry me off it. Unfortunately my credit card limit kicked in and I had to take a pass. ::Hastens


Greenwood Studios
Michael Greenwood's early fascinations were Lego and Mechano, and he transferred his interest into furniture design and woodworking. He only works with materials from sustainable sources: salvaged, reclaimed or self-harvested windfalls. Sources for material are always small, local operations that have minimal impact on their surroundings. Wood is left un-planed to provide a less processed texture. "Time-honoured methods are employed, true to the craftsman movement. Pieces are hand-dressed with joinery that is equally strong and beautiful." ::Greenwood Studios

Green Rooms

It has often been hard to find good green design all in one place, but as more people get into it, the specialty stores are beginning to pop up. If there were a TreeHugger store, it might look a lot like Green Rooms in Oakville, Ont; there is the rocker from the Brothers Dressler, chairs fromCovello and Reesor, Brent Comber's alder collection, Daniel Michalik's sway stool, neat doormats made from the cut-off waste from Philipine flip-flops, and even the booth's back wall is a Molo Softwall. Proprietor Jackie Crawford tells us she did her initial research on TreeHugger. ::Green Rooms



Green Design Studio
Toronto Gets its version of an all-green design store soon, with the opening of the Green Design Studio later this spring, which will carry the Conphorm topological wonders. ::Green Design Studio


Raincoast Wild Seafood

Raincoast Trading is "committed to employing the most ecologically responsible methods available to harvest and process our seafood products. They give a good explanation of the hazards of factory farming and the benefits of wild fish, and are right on top of the BPA issue, with guarantees from their supplier that their cans are BPA free. Delicious, too. ::Raincoast Trading


Bushman Rainwater Collection from Vanden Bussche Irrigation

Serious rainwater harvesting hardware has come to town, in the guise of the Australian-designed, California-moulded Bushman hardware. It is a package including tank and pumps to set yourself up to catch every drop. ::Vanden Bussche


I was really unhappy to see half the floor area of the show taken up with cars. They may pay a lot of rent but they didn't fit, and split the show in two, separating the bikes and the home energy products from the rest. ::Green Living Show

Green Living Show Roundup
It is, of course, all natural horsehair and cotton and flax and pine and down. "Horsehair comes with its own, extremely effective, built-in ventilation

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