Green Lawn: A Monument to Suburbanites Recreational Activities


Portia Munson's work Green Piece: Lawn is a colourful display of consumer waste products. She collects and catalogues man made plastic garbage to create a tension between the artificial and natural within our consumerist leisure obsessed society. She says "we as a culture are defined by the objects we mass-produce, consume, and throw away. ...[this current work] "Lawn" is made up of found green plastic objects laid out in patches of greens resembling a suburban lawn. ... We think of the lawn as a natural phenomenon, but really, it is a man-made thing. It is said that the lawn is the biggest agricultural crop in the country." Portia Munson, Green, was as P.P.O.W gallery Jan 5 - Feb 3 2007.

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::Portia Munson