Green Jobs Now Day of Action: America is Ready For a New Green Economy

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If you build it, they will come — and today certainly is one of those days when people of diverse backgrounds are coming together for the Green Jobs Now National Day of Action to say one thing: that people are ready to build the new "green economy" — and that American leaders should meet them halfway.

With over six hundred grassroots events being organized by environmental, labor and community organizations all over the United States, the day's activities aim to mobilize communities to "tackle the climate crisis by building a green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty" — whether it's through "green jobs" that cannot be outsourced (weatherizing, solarizing and retrofitting buildings, etc.) or through retraining programs. To participate, you can read on to find an event near you.
With its focus on low-income communities, communities of color and indigenous people, the Green Jobs Now campaign draws attention to the rarely-discussed issue that mainstream environmentalism can be a little exclusive, a little "eco-elitist" — to the detriment of the movement as a whole. After all, we're here because we believe in change, so shouldn't there be an element of social justice in the environmental movement as it attempts to build a new green economy?

Otherwise, it's just greenwashing the status quo (as Newt Gingrich's lame "Republican astroturf" rejoinder of a national action day illustrates so well).

A more sustainable economy and society is within reach, and according to some observers there is no time like the present moment. Earlier this month a report on a "green economic recovery" from analysts at the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) pointed out that if the American government would invest $100 billion over the next two years in clean energy, retrofits, smart grids and mass transit, it could create almost 2 million jobs.

You can help by signing the petition, or checking for local events in your area. If you build it, it will happen.

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