Green Homes For Sale. We Think.


We came across what we thought was a wonderful idea: "Green Homes For Sale"- a website devoted to "buying and selling green and healthy homes, homes in cohousing and community oriented projects and high quality green prefab homes." We quickly ran into trouble comprehending it when we viewed some of the listings: This 2.7 mil San Diego estate has a six car garage and three houses on 3.4 acres. Why is it green? Its made of adobe and sautillo tiles, "all natural materials."greenmansion.JPG

This modest 5671 SF, 1.9 mil estate is " It is entirely built "green" from top to bottom. Owner designed the home to be a healthy non-toxic environment. There are state of the art, computerized air and water purification systems, plus a energy efficient heat and airconditioning unit. The home is placed in a rural and very private setting, conducive to a healthy life style."


and what makes this 1.5 mil pile green? "Its surrounding serenity, green forest land, river that flows on the propety, and the fresh air."

In the end, we got a lot of laughs out of some of the answers to the question "What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?" We think the idea of a website devoted to green homes is great. This ain't it. ::GreenHomesForeSale


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