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While virtually sitting by the fire, and sipping hot, organic apple cider, our very own Meaghan O'Neill chatted with Sean Daily, of Green Living Ideas, about going green this holiday season and what tops her green wish list this year. The two talked about the history and growth of, the influence of An Inconvenient Truth and how to Give Green to Save Green.This holiday season, as we all look to go beyond changing lightbulbs, we are faced with tougher decisions like how to still share the magic of the holidays with children, without over-consuming and is there a way to still decorate a gift while keeping the gift-wrap green? O'Neill and Daily discuss options for each of these and provide a few often-overlooked resources.

A few tips like decoding the most under-rated and over rated technologies, and foregoing some holiday traditions, if possible, help readers to still enjoy the season without breaking the bank or bankrupting their soul. An Eglu chicken-coop tops her wish list this year. Gifts that Give Back, such as giving a micro-loan in someone's name, are also another popular gift this year. For the techie in your life, the Photovoltaic Solar Backpack to charge your cell phone, laptop or ipod. Wrap Around Boots by Toms Shoes are stylish and popular this holiday season.

Aside from gift ideas, the two also offer resource saving tips. For example, just how do you get around wrapping gifts without especially when our waste goes up 25% around the holiday season - O'Neill says that there are options, such as using post consumer paper, compostable paper and just using a simple bow.

You can listen in online at Green Living Ideas, or here. Check out Green Living Ideas for more how to go green tips, and practical, hands-on options to green your daily lifestyle. Green Living Ideas
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