Green Halloween: Ghostly Lights


Photo credit: samatt

Stave away ghoulish creatures with the radiant glow of candelight. If the thought of carving giant pumpkins again this year makes you howl, here are some of the lesser-known green 'ween ideas we've gathered:

1. Floating pumpkin candles
Trace the bottom of a pure beeswax or soy votive candle on the top of a miniature pumpkin. Cut the out circle carefully with a sharp blade and then pop the candle snugly within. Rinse, repeat. Fill a glass bowl with water and float your pumpkin candles on the surface. 2. Tin jack-o-lanterns
Fill a clean, empty soup or vegetable can with water and place it in the freezer. Then, steady the frozen can over a bag of rice and punch holes, using an awl and hammer, to form your desired pattern. Defrost and dry your can, and then paint its exterior with oil-based enamel.

3. Spirit jugs
Draw ghost eyes and mouths on some empty milk jugs using a marker. With a sharp blade, cut a half-dollar-size hole in the back of each jug. Wind a string of clear, low-wattage holiday lights between the jugs, stuffing several bulbs into each jug.

Difficulty level: Easy

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