Green Grants Machine: New Source for Green Funding

Green grants machine funding website demonstrated by director Jeremy Phillips

More than £1.2 billion (2.4 billion US dollars) is up for grabs. If your business in the UK or the greater EU wants to go green, this money has your name on it. But how do you find it? Enter the Green Grants Machine: a match-making site made in business heaven may help put you together with your perfect partner funding opportunity. The Green Grants Machine has been developed by the experts behind j4bgrants, which makes matches for UK businesses with funding on broader themes than green funding. Jeremy Phillips, managing director of j4b plc says: "For the last eight years j4b has helped people find out about business and community grants at We have kept an eye on the kind of support sought by over 180,000 of our members and have noticed a gradual rise in searches for 'environmental grants'."

Jeremy adds,

Many businesses may incur unnecessary costs if they fail to act. The Green Grants Machine reveals free information about funding that will help. I'd urge any organisations that don't want to get left behind to visit our website and find out more.

The Green Grants Machine is predominantly tracking funding for UK businesses. However, as some of the funding is EU sponsored, certain programs may allow applications from businesses located anywhere in the European Union.

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