Get a Case of the Green Gift Mondays

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Here we go again. Halloween is over, we skip right past Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and go straight to the Christmas holiday season. If you've visited a store lately, you know the drill. It's the same way on the Internets, but that doesn't mean that you have to blow all your money on wasteful gifts. "Wasteful" as in getting things for people who already have enough things.

The Green Gift Monday campaign is from The Nature Conservancy. To participate, it's the same deal as last year:

1) Sign the pledge to give green this holiday season.
2) Promote the day through social media, using the hash tag #GGM2011 on The Twitter.
3) Don't forget to tell your regular friends, too, through something called "word of mouth."

Green Gift Monday is meant to coincide with virtual Cyber Monday, which comes after the brick-and-mortar Black Friday. Oh, and it really doesn't matter what day you give green, as long as it's green, so the idea goes.

What do The Nature Conservancy (TNC) peeps mean by "green"? Funny you should ask. They've put together several guides (kind of like the 2011 TreeHugger Green Gift Guide).

TNC has DIY Green Gift Guides and Green Gift Suggestions --- even badges for your personal blog, if you like.

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Get a Case of the Green Gift Mondays
Green Gift Monday is back. And don't worry about the day of the week.

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