Green Gift Monday is the New Black Friday

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Via: The Nature Conservancy Green Gift Monday blog.

Black Friday is about crazy deals, waiting in line, excess spending, consumption, capitalism, you name it. Of course, there's nothing wrong with giving. But if you're going to give ('Tis the Season), why not give with your gut, your conscience? If you're looking for ideas that show you care for the person AND the planet, take the Black Friday weekend off, and go for Green Gift Monday on Nov. 29.Green Gift Monday, a project of The Nature Conservancy, is an option to Cyber Monday, the Internet version of Black Friday. Don't worry too much about the dates. Just consider this as another resource for Earth-friendly gift giving (along with our TreeHugger Gift Guides, hint hint).

Don't forget, consumers have a power this season. Cyber Monday shoppers spent almost $890 million in 2009. The more money and effort spent on responsible, meaningful holiday gifts in 2010, the better.

What kind of ideas does The Nature Conservancy (TNC to its friends) have? Well, the general idea for Green Gift Monday is to encourage gifts that make a difference, like energy-efficient products, giving experiences rather than physical gifts, or donating to charity in someone's honor. Even wrapping presents in newspaper instead of brand-new gift wrap is an action you can take.

TNC plans to populate its blog with ideas from in-house, and like-minded nonprofits and eco-conscious retailers to promote the concept. TreeHugger will be among the participants. Think of it as a hub of green gift giving, and mark your calendar. Supporters also can use the #GGM2010 hashtag when tweeting about anything "green holiday"-related.

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