Green Geeks Get Tech Oscar


Maggie Gyllanhall hosted the Scientific and Technical Awards banquet Saturday night (picture above is of Scarlett Johanssen is from 2004), where they give out all the boring technical awards and show ten seconds of the event on the real Oscar show. A well-deserved statue went to a team of twleve at Dolby Labs for an idea that has saved 2,000 kilograms of silver and 150 million litres of water each year. Until recently a white light was used to read the sound track from film, and silver had to be added to block out unwanted noise because the colour dyes did not stop enough light. The Dolby people had the idea of changing the tungsten light to a red LED, eliminating the need for silver. They then had to convince theatre owners to convert to red-light readers, and the classic 2001 Kirstin Dunst epic, Get Over It, was the first cyan soundtrack movie. We hope all twelve got to thank their moms. ::Nature