Green From The Inside Out at Tel Aviv's Houses From Within


(Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv)

How exciting is it to look inside other people's homes to see the way they live. City events couldn't get more sustainable than weekends out at Open House, where city-dwellers open their doors to let the public marvel at architecture and design normally shut behind doors.

Last year Tel Aviv created its own Open House event. Called Houses from Within, the event which took place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv was dubbed by Condenast Traveller as the hottest new Israeli trend. We wrote a story about it on ISRAEL21c here.

When Israelis catch onto something hot they can move from zero to 90 in seconds. That seems to be the case in this year's (green) Houses from Within — now incorporating a green, sustainable element, reports our friend Karen Chernick at Green Prophet.

"This year there's a twist," she writes. "This year environmentally friendly architecture and urban environmental issues are being made open to the public as well. The Houses From Within weekend of events, which will take place on May 16-17, will include nine environmentally-focused activities ranging from open houses to bicycle tours to mud brick workshops."

Among the key events are:

Electricity Power Plant on Skyscrapers' Roof Tops
Alternative Energy, which develops and installs alternative energy solutions for large buildings, is inviting the public to learn about the wind turbines that are installed on the roofs of skyscrapers.

From An Existing Apartment to a Sustainable One
Observe the interior of a historic building from 1925 that is being restored with purely sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, such as papier mache and other recycled materials. Lectures about green lifestyle in the city and urban solutions for sustainable life will take place throughout the day.

The Jaffa Landslide
Landscape architect Aliza Broida, who is responsible for the Jaffa Landslide Project, will discuss how the project aims to turn a local garbage mountain into a beach park. The project is one of the largest construction waste removal and recycling projects in Israel.

The Green House
Tom Bercher from the Good Energy Initiative, Yotam Avi Zohar from the Israel For Bicycle Organization, Efrat Pompes from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Nature Protection Society, and Yakov Gilat from the Green Forum in Tel Aviv give a day of lectures and discussions at a building that gathers many of Tel Aviv's environmental organizations under one roof.

Mud Brick Construction Workshop

Learn how to make all kinds of mud brick structures, ranging from taboon ovens to huts. Workshop suitable for all ages, held in the center of Tel Aviv.

It's surprising how quickly Tel Aviv is working to become a sustainable city. For the entire list of green events click here.
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