Green For Good: Helping You Buy Green, Do Good

Green for Good is the latest company to enter the green-buying-online game, selling organic, green products to customers around the world. Though they've just started, their catalog includes 1,383 products in 201 different categories, ranging from Baby Care to Yard & Garden. While many of the products can be bought from the individual companies that make them, when you buy from Green for Good, they donate a minimum of 10 percent of their profits to community-based non-profit organizations. From Save the Bay to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to Trees For Life, Green for Good's initial goal is to provide financial help to organizations that improve the quality of life in different areas around the world. So, let's review how this works: buy organic products, make your lifestyle become cleaner and greener with products like soy candles or organic cotton towels, and help some deserving non-profits in the process. This ethos looks like an excellent way to use individual consumer dollars to leverage social and environmental change. Green for Good is also a member of Co-op America and the Organic Trade Association. ::Green for Good