Green Film Festival Hits Toronto: Planet in Focus


Canada's most acclaimed environmental film festival, Planet in Focus, is hitting Torontonians this coming Wednesday. Running from October 24 to 28th, the 8th annual festival program includes a Polar Visions spotlight, with works from and about the Circumpolar regions of the Arctic and the Antarctic, films highlighting issues around water scarcity and privatization, along with community action and international works which expose government and corporate mishaps at the height of the Cold War (Gambit, Broken Arrow). German-born, Canadian-based chef, Michael Stadtlander, will premier his film The Island Project and the remarkable Belgian-French dramatic co-production Sounds of Sand will also have its premiere at Planet in Focus. The festival will also award three Eco Heroes this year - environmentalist and screen artist Robert Redford; Inuit leader and Nobel Prize nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier and filmmaker Caroline Underwood. Planet In Focus Festival Director Candida Paltiel says:

"The environment is on everyone's mind these days and that was clearly evident in the quantity and quality of the films submitted to this year's festival. We are looking forward to a great festival which will once again bring the people of Toronto a diversity of views and experiences from the world of environmental filmmaking. We want our audiences to leave the theatres having learned something about their environment but more importantly we want people energized to take action towards making this a healthier planet for everyone."

Planet In Focus will also be launching three new Green Market initiatives at the 2007 festival designed to respond to the increased interest and concern in environmentalism throughout the film industry. The Green Market initiatives will include a business centre and film library consisting of approximately 400 environmental films available for viewing throughout the festival, the Planet in Focus (PIF) Green Market Catalogue and the Greening the Film Industry panel discussion.

"This year's festival goes beyond screening films about the environment as we embark on several initiatives designed to green the entire film industry," added Paltiel. "By investing in green initiatives the film community has a unique opportunity to put its environmental concerns into practice. By promoting social and ecological sustainability in all our festival operations, and forging relationships with organizations and individuals who have similar goals Planet In Focus is walking the talk on the environment." Via: Planet in Focus News Release.

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