Green Fest DC: Interview With Producer, Greg Roberts


As Lloyd mentioned last Friday, TreeHugger shared the limelight with Planet Green at Green Festival DC. We manned the booth, encouraging visitors to sign up for the chance to win a citizen profile right here on TreeHugger. We asked: What are your guilty or guiltless green pleasures? One candid fellow admitted a not-so-green addiction to Diet Mountain Dew while one proud lawnophile declared love for his Neuton electric mower. (Stay tuned over the coming weeks to find out which 5 Green Fest-ers make the cut!)

When not checking out some of our favorite, drool worthy vendors (the local, vegan, sweet potato pie was killer!), we chatted up Green Fest's producer, Greg Roberts:


What was the turn out at Green Fest DC this year?
31,000 people.
What sets this year's Green Fests apart from the others?
High level support from partners like Planet Green (, G.A.P. Adventures, Honest Tea, and NBC4. This year we even had a commercial spot during the show Heroes! That's when I realized just how big we have gotten. The green market is expanding at such a rate that we are adding one new festival location per year. Next year will be Seattle.
Seattle seems like it would be an already "converted" city? What are the chances of getting a location or two in the farm belt?
Well, first we need to get the funding from the state's Park or Environmental Dept. to have the event there. Not every state's budget allows this. We also believe that locations like Chicago and D.C. (despite Chicago's reputation for being green) pull in a more "mainstream" crowd that reaches beyond the typical markets. Half of the visitors "get it" and half are there to learn more.

Wow, not bad!

Nope, it's a great indication that we're spreading the circle wider.

Amen to that!

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